NWA Supreme TV – 11/2/16

Hello, NWA Supreme fans! This week’s NWA Supreme TV episode is centered around the feud between “J Mo” Jesse Morris and “Custom Made” Eric Draven. At the start of the show, it is revealed that there are some high stakes on the line! If J Mo loses a match against an opponent of Eric Draven’s choosing, he’ll have to cut his hair! However, if Eric Draven can’t defeat J Mo or an opponent of his choosing, Mortimer Blankenship III will have to wear a custom made Halloween costume fabricated by Jesse Morris himself! Will Jesse Morris finally get the payback he’s been waiting for or will he, and his scalp, regret even asking for a match in the first place? 

Also in this week’s episode:

What else happened during NWA Supreme’s October 29th show?


Is there a referee who may want to skip town soon?


All of this and more once you press play! Enjoy and remember to like NWA Supreme on Facebook @nwasupreme! 

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