NWA Supreme: Pinnacle Results

NWA Supreme: Pinnacle took place last Saturday in front of a crowd of 450 fans. Promoter and Custom Made member Eric Draven has provided NWA Ringside with the official results of this stellar event.
Mike Trusty won a 16 man battle
“Royal” Josh Lewis defeated Dewayne Davis by submission with a torture rack
Angus Barnett pinned Timmy Danger following a DDT
Dance Dazzle won The NWA Mid America tag titles from Custom Made
Andrew Mason pinned Colton Cage following the Ozone Neck Breaker
Dino Stephanopoulos pinned Lars Umlaut following a Pay Dino from top rope
 Johnny Justice won the NWA Mid America title for the 9th time defeating “King” Nic Noble in Lumber Jack


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