NWA Supreme Counter Strike 2017 Results

Good evening, NWA Supreme fans! Last weekend saw an AMAZING card from NWA Supreme where new rivalries began and current champions proved that their title reigns are not the results of any flukes!

*“Superbeast” Rob Royale won a battle royal, last eliminating Angus Barnett

*NWA Tri-State Television Champion “Big Time” Josh Lewis won three matches in a row defeating Sgt. Howitzer, Red Phoenix, and Dark Saint.

*NWA Mid America Heavyweight Champion “Tailor Made” Roger Malcolm w/ Mortimer Blankenship III and Eric Draven fought to a 15 minute time limit draw with “Vivacious” Van Martigan

*NWA Mid America Tag Team Champions “The VIP” Nic Noble and Leon Elliot retained their titles against The East and West Express and Big ‘n Tasty when Elliot pinned Angus Barnett after a frog splash.

*“Superbeast” Rob Royale pinned Go-Go after a spear.

*Texas Outlaw defeated “Custom Made” Eric Draven w/ Mortimer Blankenship III and Roger Malcolm in a Texas Bullrope Match

As always, congratulations to NWA Supreme on a another FANTASTIC event! If you want to see and hear more results from NWA Supreme’s live events, follow NWA Ringside on Twitter @NWAWrestling! 

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