NWA New South: Destination Tharpe

For the last several weeks at NWA New South Championship Wrestling, a major development has been taking place as R. Bruce Tharpe, President of the National Wrestling Alliance, has been looking to get the NWA National Heavyweight Championship off of current titleholder Damien Wayne.

This all started back when Damien Wayne captured his third NWA National Heavyweight Championship after leaving the National Wrestling Alliance for an extended period of time:


A few weeks back, Tharpe showed up in person at NWA New South to confront Wayne and discuss his plans for the National title:



The involvement of Tim Gonterman of the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission caused Bruce Tharpe to resort to a contingency plan of simply having someone take the NWA National Heavyweight Championship from Damien Wayne by beating him in the ring. Enter “Nature Boy” Paul Lee.


The “Real Nature Boy”–who, to be fair, does have a personal endorsement by NWA Hall of Famer “Nature Boy” Ric Flair–was selected by NWA President Bruce Tharpe to not only take the National title from Wayne, but also to put him out of Professional Wrestling by snapping his leg with the Figure-Four Leglock. Recently, Tharpe even presented Wayne with a special “present”:



And so with that, the NWA National Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as NWA New South Championship Wrestling presents an epic two-night event!

In addition to this, the NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship will be at stake inside the Steel Cage as Champion Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews defends against Vic The Bruiser!

Friday, February 3rd and Saturday, February 4th, the New South Arena in Franklin, Kentucky! 7:30pm, both nights!

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