NWA Midwest: Breaking Point 2017

From the NWA Midwest Championship Wrestling Facebook Page:

Breaking Point (this last Sunday) was full of controversies and revelations. In case you missed the exciting action, here is what went down.
– In the opener Bryan Laster baited Jesse McCoy into a “date” stipulation involving McCoys girlfriend. Laster was able to pick up the win and now gets to take McCoys girlfriend out on a date.
– Kalam picked up the win against a struggling Big Moe.
– Silas Morgan attacked Atticus Cogar during the Cogars title defense against Philly and Marino resulting in a DQ win for the Cogars.
– AJ Snow defeated Jackson Stone
– Joseline defeated Angel Dust to become the NEW NWA Midwest Woman’s Champion.
– Dominick Garrini and Dr. Daniel C Rockingham defeated the team of Brian Carson and Frankie Flynn.
– Derek Direction retained the Citywide Championship by DQ over Marion Fontaine.
– In the main event, Brandon Xavier pulled off a huge upset knocking off Bruiser Schmidt to become the NEW NWA Midwest Heavyweight Champion.

In addition, NWA Midwest Board of Directors has just released this video footage from last Saturday nights Heavyweight Championship match between Bruiser Schmidt and Brandon Xavier. Xavier was awarded the victory and the NEW NWA Midwest Heavyweight Champion yet Bruiser Schmidts foot was clearly on the ropes. Word is expected soon from the NWA Midwest office about the outcome of this match. Stay tuned!


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