Marshall, Lothario inducted into NWA Hall of Fame

NWA President R. Bruce Tharpe has announced two inductees into the National Wrestling Alliance Hall of Fame, Class of 2017!


One is Jose Lothario. While noted as the man who trained Shawn Michaels, Lothario had held numerous titles in the National Wrestling Alliance over his career, including multiple reigns with the Texas, Florida and San Francisco versions of the World Tag Team Championship. he also held the Texas, Florida and Louisiana Heavyweight titles, Florida and Texas Tag Team titles, and the Gulf Coast Heavyweight title, amongst others.



The other is posthumous inductee, “The Blonde Bear” Everett Marshall. Marshall held the two predecessor titles to the modern NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship: The National Wrestling Association World Heavyweight title on two occasions, and the original World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship. He also held the Texas Heavyweight Championship which later was recognized as the WCWA and then USWA Texas Heavyweight Championship.

It is with great honor that the National Wrestling Alliance inducts Jose Lothario and Everett Marshall into the NWA Hall of Fame!

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