Jax Dane – HANDS of STEEL

–via Ebenezer Baldwin Bowles for The Indie Tribune (used with permission)

H A N D S o f S T E E L

Clenched fists are a standard pose for pro wrestlers … and sometimes the pose strikes a powerful image of prowess and strength. But making the pose look truly strong isn’t as easy as it might seem.

Here we see the great pro wrestling champion Jax Dane … and his fists speak for themselves … sending an undeniable message of tremendous power.

But there’s more at work here than clenched fists.

One long look into Godzilla Dane’s eyes tell us much about the NWA World Heavyweight Champion … and the story we read behind those eyes is one of rage, anger, and incredible intensity.

Tomorrow night, Friday the 21st, Jax defends his world championship against the worthy Tim Storm at NWA Texoma in Sherman, Texas. Promoter Terri Hopper informs us that only a few tickets remain for a card that is sure to be sold out and loaded to bear.

Once ago The Perfect Storm was Mr. Dane’s friend and mentor. Now Tim stands as his sworn enemy.

“I can’t wait to put those hands on Tim Storm’s face,” Godzilla Dane told us last night. “There won’t be enough boys in the building to pull me off him. James Beard might get it, too — just because I can.”

The champion was upset at legendary referee James Beard because of comments by Mr. Beard posted here yesterday questioning Jax Dane’s emotional and mental turbulence.

Mr. Beard told us he’s not at all concerned — that he is certain the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, despite his anger, will comport himself with class and sportsmanship after the bell rings.

But we wonder. We witnessed the rampage in Sherman last month. It was compelling, brutal, and genuine. Jax Dane is a changed man and a champion to be reckoned with.

Friday night’s title bout will be the third between Messrs. Storm and Dane this year — with the champion prevailing at Las Vegas and Robinsonville, Mississippi. Both matches were incredibly brutal with the match in Vegas reputed to be one of the best pro wrestling battles of 2016.

And despite the fact that Sherman is The Perfect Storm’s home turf, the odds remain stacked in Godzilla’s favor. “I’m not weathering his storm,” Mr. Dane reminded us. “He’s chasing me.”

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