Exclusive Interview With NWA North American Champion, Tyson Dean

Last night, at NWA Combat Sport’s three year anniversary event, NWA North American champion, Tyson Dean, faced the NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight champion, Purple Haze, in a one on one match for the Gulf Coast Heavyweight title. In the end, Tyson Dean came up short. Losing a match that he was in control of for the majority of its duration. This morning, after allowing him to cool down and collect his thoughts, I contacted Dean to ask him about last night and his future plans after this minor setback in his career.

 Thank you for responding to my request to interview you, Mr. Dean. So, to start things off, I could gather that you and your manager, Kurt Kilgore, like to incite near riots. How long have you two been together?

Altogether, about three years. And, yes, we love to stir up as much as we can, anywhere we can.

How do you feel about not getting your hands on the NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight Championship, even though you were in the lead for most of the match last night?

I was looking forward to bringing home the NWA Gulf Coast title. It would’ve looked great in my trophy case next to the North American title. At the end of the day, it’s disappointing not leaving with both titles, but I did leave with the North American title and more than maintained my position as the top contender for the NWA World title.

So what is next for you and Kurt Kilgore? Are there any more regional titles that you will compete for in the near future? Have you gotten word on when you will get a crack at Tim Storm?

I’ll be defending the North American Championship December 2nd & 3rd in Tennessee at NWA Midsouth. I believe Tim Storm will be there as well, and he’ll know for sure by the end of those nights that he’s my top focus right now.

Do you consider yourself one of the greatest NWA North American Champions of all time? It sounds like you may have a chip on your shoulder.
Not yet. There’s quite an impressive list of men that have held the North American title. My goal is to add to the legacy of the title while I have it, and live up to the tradition it represents. Also, it’s not a chip, just a major focus. Tim is a great champion, no doubt about that. I’m the last man to defeat him in an NWA ring, and I’m confident I can tame the Storm again and become the NWA World champion. My goal is for my name to go down in history along with the names of the great champions that have held that belt.
What would it mean to you to become the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion while simultaneously holding the North American Championship?
More than I can express. The NWA World title is the original World title in professional wrestling. It’s the title I’ve looked to and admired since I was a child. That’s always been a dream, and now a goal, to hold the same title that men like Ric Flair, Harley Race, and Jack Briscoe held. To unify both titles, would be extra special to an already momentous occasion.
Well, I agree wholeheartedly, and, as a pure fan of the sport, would love to see such an event happen. I would like to thank you very much for your time, Mr. Dean. Before we part ways, is there anything that you would like to say to the NWA Wrestling fanbase across the globe?
I’m very proud to get to compete in front of the great fans of the NWA. Love me or hate me, I’m proud to be their North American champion, and work hard to bring my best each time I’m in the ring.
Very well said. Before you go, where can people follow you on social media?
Tyson Dean on Facebook, @TheTysonDean on twitter, @tysondean on Instagram, and thetysondean | 66 on Snapchat.
Excellent. Thank you again for your time, sir.
Thank you.

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