Douglas Hart interviews Greg Anthony ahead of NWA Mid South presents #SeasonsBeatings!

This Saturday night, December 3, at NWA Mid South Wrestling presents #SeasonsBeatings in Dyersburg, TN, Greg Anthony challenges “The Reflection of Perfection” Tyson Dean for the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship! Last night, I had an opportunity to sit down with 3x NWA National Heavyweight Champion “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony. I asked him a few interesting questions & gave him an opportunity to speak his mind. Check it out below & don’t forget to share this on social media!

1)Who trained you?

Never just one guy. Rude from Naughty by Nature, Sir Mo from Men on a Mission, Dr. Tom Pritchard, & Motley Cruz.

2)Who is your all time favorite wrestler?

Ric Flair is hands down my all time favorite wrestler.

3)You’ve been a Professional Wrestler for almost seventeen years. What’s your favorite city to wrestle in & why?

Dyersburg, Tennessee is my home. I started here and having NWA Mid South making it their home too is special. Houston, TX is another place I really enjoyed.

4)I myself know the answer to this question but for those that don’t know, please tell the fans what your first championship was in Professional Wrestling.

The NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Championship

5)There’s a reason that you chose “The Golden Boy” as your ring moniker. You’ve stated in the past that from the time you started in this business that you knew you were destined to be a great champion. You’ve held multiple Professional Wrestling Championships across the country & for many different federations. Explain for our fans what it says like to challenge then champions Sigmon & Elliott Russell of The Heatseekers for the NWA World’s Tag Team Championships alongside a man who was at one time your best friend in this business, one half of the current NWA World’s Tag Team Champions, Matt Riviera.

Stuff like that is history. I’m wrestling for championships that I idolized when I was a child. Can you put a price on that?

6)It’s no secret that you grew up watching the National Wrestling Alliance on television while sitting on your grandma’s knee. You’re now a 3x NWA National Heavyweight Champion. What did it feel like to etch your name in the history books alongside men like inaugural NWA National Heavyweight Champion Jack Brisco, Tully Blanchard, Buddy Landell, & Dusty Rhodes among others?

Surreal. If you told 7 year old me all I would accomplish, I’m not sure I’d believe you.

7)Since you’re a former 3x NWA National Heavyweight Champion that also means you’ve lost it to three different competitors. Out of the three, have you pinpointed which man was a tougher opponent?

They are all tough competitors.. Mustang Mike is strong, Jake Logan is a 23 year old stud in pro wrestling but it’s only fair to give the nod to the one I haven’t avenged yet… so Damien Wayne is my answer but I feel we have unfinished business.

8)What was it like to be a part of the most elite group of Professional Wrestlers in the National Wrestling Alliance since The Four Horsemen, The Empire?

The Empire is, was, and will always be in charge. #ChoiceIsAnIllusion #JealousyBreedsContempt

9)This Saturday night, December 3, you challenge “The Reflection of Perfection” Tyson Dean for the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship at NWA Mid South Wrestling presents #SeasonsBeatings. Dean will be accompanied to the ring by your longtime managerial nemesis, Christopher White. With the ever cunning Mr. White in his corner, what will your game plan be against a man with the strength of ten men like Tyson Dean?

With the support of the NWA Mid South fans, I can accomplish anything. All I’ve ever asked for is opportunity. This is a golden opportunity to prove I truly am Mr. NWA.

10)I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for granting me this interview. I have one final question.

As we know, after losing the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship to Tyson Dean this past summer, Tim Storm went on to defeat “Godzilla” Jax Dane to become the current NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion. If you are in fact able to dethrone Tyson Dean this Saturday night, do you see the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship as a stepping stone to an eventual shot at the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship?

The “10 Pounds of Gold” is the goal of every wrestler. It’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Most men want to be on top of the mountain, but, I always wanted to be the mountain. The measuring stick for everyone else… if I were the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion then I would be the Mount Everest of the wrestling world.

Don’t forget that if it’s not the National Wrestling Alliance then you’re not watching the absolute best in Professional Wrestling!

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