Blue Collar News for April 9, 2017

Welcome to NWA Ringside, the official website of the National Wrestling Alliance and home of “Blue Collar News”. I assure you that you will get the best coverage of all the biggest happenings in the oldest pro wrestling governing body on the planet, right here, where history, tradition and respect are words that we live by. This edition will feature the new owners of Blue Collar Wrestling, The Faction, the NWA Heritage champion, Teck Tonik, the new NWA Pacific Northwest TV champion, “Wonderful” Zack Winters, and tons more!

This past week’s show took place on Sunday, April 2nd, at 7311 North Exeter Street in Portland, Oregon inside the North Eagles Club. In what was billed as a dark match (it took place before the advertised bell time), Mr. J showed the debuting Greg Huddle how tough it can be to be a star in the National Wrestling Alliance. Mr. J got the pinfall victory in 10 minutes, but I’m sure that this isn’t the last of Mr. Huddle that Blue Collar fans will see. Mr. Huddle is well known on the indie scene in Spokane, Washington and I’ve heard rumblings of him working in Virginia, also. When I approached Mr. J for comments he recognized Mr. Huddles efforts. “Sure, Greg Huddle debuted in BCW looking to make a name for himself, but unfortunately his opponent was the Clown Prince of BCW, MR. J.”

In the opening match of the card, we saw some intergender action as Sunni Daze took on Lance Dean. Mr. Dean picked up the pinfall, but Ms. Daze had this to say, ”Lance Dean and I have worked in the back together for many years now. I feel that he has grown accustomed to “needing to be loved by a woman.” Quite frankly, I’m looking forward to our “loser wears a wedding dress” match. You see, Lance has been watching me for some time and I have had enough with his doe eyed looks at me all the time. I figure if I can finally wipe the ring clean with his face he’ll get a clue. And, I’ll do it with a smile on my face as he wipes his tears of submission.”

We saw JimmyBoy St. John face off with This Guy. This Guy walked away with the pinfall. This Guy isn’t the type of guy you would expect to see JimmyBoy face in his campaign against bullies. When I approached Mr. St. John he told me, “He was a great opponent, he did catch me off guard with that pin. I do not see him as a dastardly villain or a bully, but I did enjoy doing battle with This Guy. I look forward to a rematch in the future but for now I need to focus on my mission of taking care of these vile villainous bullies.”

In an I Quit match for the NWA Pacific Northwest TV title, we saw “Wonderful” Zack Winters walk away with the strap after Kaine Jaiden tossed in the towel for his tag team partner. Mr. Winters was very proud of himself and had this to say to me as he showered the locker room with bubbly, “It was probably one of the more brutal, grueling matches I’ve ever had. Myself and Ares Toretto stepped into that ring and beat the hell out of each other for 20+ minutes. But, in the end, I came out on top, as the new NWA BCW TV champion.”

The semi-main event featured a 2 out of 3 falls match for the NWA Heritage championship, between Teck Tonik and Lonestar. The match went about a half hour with both men working hard to end it quick. The cowboy told a straight shooting story about the match when we spoke. “Teck Tonik took the first fall by pulling my trunks. I very quickly got the second fall with my superkick, but he took the 3rd and final fall after a good, solid fight by using that lariat clothesline that he throws so well…. Winner and new NWA Heritage champion….. Teck Tonik.”

The main event had huge implications as the careers of The Faction were on the line against ownership of BCW. The Faction faced off with a team lead by BCW co-owner Leon Knight. Mr. Knight had lined up Demarcus James and Cameron Starr to battle for BCW along with a mystery partner, who turned out to be Kaine Jaiden. Team BCW forgot that The Faction had pursued Demarcus as a member in the past and we all know , as Badd Blood put it to me, “money talks”. Blood, Buddy Highway, and Big Vicious picked up the pinfall and are now in charge of Blue Collar Wrestling. Blood told me, “Last Sunday, we showed the entire NWA that they need to pay attention, because we’re tired of being overlooked!” This can have a lot of implications for the entire NWA. This past Friday, on “The Peter Wiseman Sports & Entertainment Frenzy” podcast I interviewed Badd Blood and we discussed everything from NWA world heavyweight champion, Tim Storm, to the NWA World tag team titles that The Faction are top contenders to due to their being NWA Pacific Northwest tag team champions to even NWA World junior heavyweight champion, John Saxon, who had a successful title defense on Friday in Tennessee against former NWA National heavyweight champion, Arrick Andrews. I’m sure, after talking to Blood, that even the newly crowned NWA North American heavyweight champion, Mustang Mike, who won the strap just last night, isn’t safe from The Faction. You can listen to the podcast at the link below.

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I thank you for reading “Blue Collar News” and don’t want you to forget to check back, regularly, for all the latest news, results and video of great NWA action! So long!

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Go listen to me interview Badd Blood on Peter Wiseman’s Sports and Entertainment Frenzy!


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