Blue Collar News for April 2, 2017

Welcome to NWA Ringside, the official website of the National Wrestling Alliance and home of “Blue Collar News”. I assure you that you will get the best coverage of all the biggest happenings in the oldest pro wrestling governing body on the planet, where history, tradition and respect are words that we live by. This edition will feature the NWA Pacific Northwest heavyweight champion, Gregor Petrov, talking about his recent title defense in a fatal 4 way!


This past week’s show took place on Sunday, March 28th at 7311 North Exeter Street in Portland, Oregon inside the North Eagles Club. 


The opening match of the evening saw former NWA Heritage champion,Teck Tonik, win by pinfall over This Guy. 


Jimmy Boy St. John won by pinfall over Tyson Lee in his campaign to end bullying in Blue Collar Wrestling and the NWA.


Mr. J suffered a pinfall loss to NWA/PNW TV champion, Ares Toretto, who filled in for Max Burnside.


The semi-main event was for the NWA/BCW tag titles. The Faction defeated the Role Models by pinfall, retaining the straps.


In the main event BCW presented a fatal 4 way, for the NWA Pacific Northwest heavyweight title, which featured internal strife among members of Measure 11. The champion, Gregor Petrov, defeated Tex Thompson, “Rebel” Lance Dean, and Tommy Celcious by pinfall. Tex Thompson challenged Petrov to a title match and the champ agreed, under the stipulation that Thompson beat both Tommy C and Lance Dean in 1 on 1 competition, a few weeks back. When Celcious lost, Petrov confronted him for his loss. When asked about the issues with his Measure 11 partners Mr. Petrov told this reporter, “Push comes to shove and we brawl it out, with me gaining the upper hand. The next week we then go 1 on 1 with Lance as the referee, who also lost to Tex. Lance counts a false pin and gets stomped out for not calling it down the middle. Poor Tommy doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. So, I struck him with a chair. Finally, Tex gets his 1 on 1 title match, to find out Tommy and Lance have gotten themselves into the match in an attempt to humble me. I hit the “Red Shiver” on Lance to retain the title. As a show of respect for Tex, I was going to offer him a true rematch. But, then Tommy C struck me with his chair. Lance, then, takes my jumper cables and proceeds to whip me until Tex saved me. So, how do I feel? Bittersweet. I’m proud Lance had it in him to do that to me. As the NWA Pacific Northwest heavyweight champion I’m challenged. It’s my fire. I’m going to have to put it out. Respect, Honesty, Tradition. That’s the problem with those two. They don’t have any. I was doing all the work.”


Tommy Celcious saw it slightly differently. When I asked him about the situation he told me, “The fatal 4 way was a match that I decided to interject myself into. My partner and fellow Measure 11 team mate, Gregor Petrov, hit me with a chair last week so, I needed to teach him a lesson in humility. Tex Thompson was out numbered, but Petrov decided to take his liberties on our team mate “Rebel 11″ Lance Dean. He got the pin on Lance, but we got the victory in the long run when I put a solid steel chair right between his shoulder blades and Lance whipped him with his own jumper cables. I don’t know what he’s thinking, but I will beat some sense into him. No… he’s not out of Measure 11 just yet, but if his actions continue, he will be. Sometimes you have to show tough love to get it through to a brother.”


Tonight, April 2, 2017, NWA Blue Collar Wrestling will present The Night The Line Was Crossed at 6 PM at the North Portland Eagles Lodge. Ares Torreto will defend the NWA Pacific Northwest TV title against “Wonderful” Zack Winters. After trading the NWA Heritage championship back and forth Teck Tonik challenges Lonestar in a best 2 out of 3 falls match. And The Faction faces Team NWA Blue Collar Wrestling led by Leon Knight. If The Faction win they will become the owners of BCW. If they lose they must disband, forever. 

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