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Welcome to NWA Ringside, the official website of the National Wrestling Alliance and home of “Blue Collar News”. I assure you that you will get the best coverage of all the biggest happenings in the oldest pro wrestling governing body on the planet, right here, where history, tradition and respect are words that we live by. In this edition we will be taking a more in depth look at the feud between The Role Models and The Faction for the NWA Pacific Northwest tag team titles. We’ll talk a bit about NWA Pacific Northwest ladies champion Sunni Daze and how she is taking on the best challengers in the world and a whole lot more! Let’s get started!

On Sunday, April 30th, 2017 NWA Blue Collar Wrestling presented their weekly show at the North Eagles Lodge in Portland, Oregon. The opening match saw former partners facing off and to make it even more heated it was two of the guys that were on team BCW when they lost ownership of the company to The Faction. Cameron Starr was looking for revenge when he faced the man that betrayed Team BCW a few weeks back, Demarcus James. Turns out James was ready for him and walked away with a pinfall victory at the ten minute mark. In a rematch from the 16th The Superheroes (This Guy and Jimmy Boy St. John, who faced off about a month ago before forming a tag team) got the win against Measure 11, scoring a pinfall in fifteen minutes. Next, The Clown Prince, Mr. J, looked to get back into contention for the NWA Pacific Northwest TV title and he did it by going up against family, his former tag team partner J. B. Moonshine. Mr. J scored a count out victory at the 10 minute mark, which begs the question are we seeing the beginning of a feud between the former Moonshiners? In The semi-main event, Sunni Daze defended the NWA Pacific Northwest ladies title against former NWA World Women’s champion, Kacee Carlisle. Daze had been distracted by her intergender feud with Lance Dean recently, but was able to score the pinfall over the former world champion in 15 minutes. This has to put her in contention for a shot at the current NWA World Women’s champion, Jazz. The main event saw the continuing war for the NWA Pacific Northwest tag team titles between The Role Models and The Faction, who faced off twice n the last month, including an I Quit match. The Faction, never sticklers for the rules, got themselves disqualified this time. I guarantee this feud is far from over.

On Sunday, May 7th, 2017, at the North Eagles Lodge in Portland NWA Blue Collar Wrestling presented their weekly show featuring the BCW title, the NWA Continental heavyweight title, the NWA Heritage title and a tag team bull rope match. The opening match saw one half of TnT, Tyson Lee, face off with Lonestar. Sign Guy was the referee. Lonestar’s superkick was enough to secure the pinfall at the 10 minute mark. Next we saw The Clown Prince of wrestling, Mr. J continue to try getting back in the hunt for the NWA Pacific Northwest TV title, but the other half of TnT, Ares Torretto, had other ideas. Torretto scored the pinfall at the 10 minute mark. The third match of the night was the first for referee Robbie K and was for the Blue Collar Wrestling title. Big Vicious successfully defended the title against Demarcus James, winning via pinfall at the 15 minute mark. The NWA Continental heavyweight title was the next belt defended. Jaiden Kaine challenged “The Ghetto Heisman” Badd Blood. Kaine came out first and the crowd was hot for him. Kaine was announced as the last super saiyon and wore his NWA Pacific Northwest tag team championship belt to the ring. He showed off his dangerous abilities before his opponent was even announced by doing some impressive stretches in the corner. As soon as Blood was announced the combatants faced off in the center of the ring. The crowd let Blood know their feelings with a loud “Badd Blood sucks” chant. As the bell rang Kaine got the crowd even hotter leading a clap to continue getting in his opponent’s head and starting another “Badd Blood sucks” chant. Blood complained to the ref, who tried quieting the crowd and giving Blood the opportunity to attack. He missed a charge in the corner and was knocked out of the ring by a kick from Kaine. He quickly gained the upper hand upon returning to the ring, working on one limb, like Ole Anderson of old, and chain wrestling Kaine into a headlock, before tossing him outside the ring. Blood went to the outside, slamming his opponent on a table before kicking him in the head. He followed up this attack with a knee to the face, but then missed a blow, giving Kaine the chance to hit a superkick. Kaine ran on top of the ringside tables diving at Blood, but was caught with a punch from the champ. The leader of The Faction followed up with a clothesline and slammed Kaine’s head into the table twice. Being the veteran of the ring that he is, Blood rolled into the ring to break the count, but then rolled right back out. After having his head slammed into the table a third time, Kaine blocked the next attempt and returned the favor. With Blood dazed Kaine returned to the ring and hit a plancha to the Continental champion. He wound it up with a knee and sensing that he had the champion on the ropes Kaine returned to the ring for a second plancha. Blood was playing possum, though, and caught his opponent in the air before delivering a devastating back breaker. Looking to injure the young kid, Blood piledrove him on the mats in the ringside area before breaking the count again. He then kicked Kaine in the back and threw him back into the ring. Kaine was far from finished, though, and met Blood with a dropkick, but missed a superkick. This gave the Franchise Player the chance he needed and he hit a German suplex, but only got a two count. Blood hit Kaine with a fist and it was good enough for just another two count. The champ tried to put his challenger away with a sleeper, but Kaine had enough left to gather strength from the crowd chanting his name and break the submission with a chinbreaker. Kaine took to the air setting up his opponent for a beautiful springboard moonsault, but only got a two count. Badd Blood tossed his hotshot challenger, hit him with a solid punch, and finished him off with a modified Russian leg sweep that had enough impact to stun Kaine giving the three count and victory to Blood. Blood wasn’t done, though, and took his fallen opnent outside the ring, slamming him on the table and delivering some vicious punches. The champ then mocked the hot crowd that was on him all night long with the NWA Continental championship belt. Kaine was down, but not out, attacking the champ and leading to a ringside brawl that saw Kaine choke out the champ with some great grappling skills and whip him with the championship belt before security and his partner Ares Toretto pulled them apart. In the semi-main event, The Faction suffered their only loss of the night, as Tech Tonik regained the NWA Heritage title from Buddy Highway. Tonik scored the pinfall at the 20 minute mark and is now a 2 time NWA Heritage champion. The main event was refereed by Sign Guy and saw Measure 11 battle Tex Thompson and the returning Keith Adkins for twenty minutes in a tag team bull rope match. Measure 11 reestablished themselves as challengers for the NWA Pacific Northwest tag team championship by picking up the victory here. Will they get a shot at The Role Models some time or should they be watching over their shoulder for their recent thorn in their side, The Superheroes?

On May14th, the North Portland Eagles club was once again rocking with Blue Collar and the biggest feuds in the Pacific Northwest were featured. NWA Continental heavyweight champion and the leader of The Faction started the night by displaying his dominance in a victory over Jimmy Boy St. John. The NWA Heritage champion, Teck Tonik, fought BCW traitor Demarcus James to a no contest after ten heated minutes of competition that got out of control. The continuing confrontation between former tag team partners saw Mr. J pick up another victory over JB Moonshine. Tex Thompson showed why he is a top contender for the NWA Pacific Northwest heavyweight title by picking up a victory over Measure 11’s Lance Dean. The BCW title was on the line in another emotional battle between the champ, Big V of The Faction and one of the Role Models, Kaine Jaiden. Big V’s size advantage and viciousness was enough for him to retain the strap. The main event saw NWA Pacific Northwest heavyweight champion, Gregor Petrov, to war with his former stable mate, Tommy Celcius of Measure 11. Despite a violent and high strung battle between former allies, the champ showed why he is one the best in the entire Northwest and walked away still carrying the strap.

Last Sunday, May 21st, the NWA proved once again why they rule the wrestling community out of North Portland, opening the show with the extremely talented luchador from Alaska, Phoenix Kid once again visiting the BCW ring and picking up a victory over DeMarcus James. The Faction took on a top notch tag team, KOS, comprised of two extremely tough men, Mathias Starkey (who recently has been in the ring everywhere from Salt Lake City to Orlando) and Blake (a star in California’s Alpha Omega Wrestling, one of the promotions that participates regularly at the annual Vegas shows on Cauliflower Alley weekend), who have a history of success in the Pacific Northwest. The Faction came out on top, but I guarantee we hear more from KOS! The feud between Tex Thompson, Measure 11 and NWA PNW heavyweight champ, Gregor Petrov heated up with Tommy Celcius picking up a win over Thompson in their war r a shot at Petrov’s strap. Speaking of Petrov, the NWA Pacific Northwest tag team titles were on the line as he teamed with NWA Heritage champion, Teck Tonik, in a triple threat match against the champions, The Role Models and The Urban Commandos, T-Rent & D-Unit, two men who are well known in California’s tag team battles and recently were in Seattle, training the up and coming talent of the Northwest. Proving why they are among the best in NWA The Role Models walked away champions. The main event was the Momma D Memorial Battle Royal. Momma D (the D is for Delores) was a Blue Collar Wrestling super fan and the mother of BCW’s Demarcus James. She meant a lot to the BCW family and it was only fitting to see her grandson, NWA/PNW tag team champion, Kaine Jaiden, pick up the win in this special event.

On May 27th, NWA Pacific Northwest heavyweight champion, Gregor Petrov, traveled to Nampa, Idaho to compete at Wrestle Club show, the “Honor the Brave Festival”, against the Potato Bowl champion, Sean Skelter, in a title versus title match. After securing the victory and becoming a dual champion, Mr. Petrov showed why he is feared for his unpredictability, threw down the Potato Bowl title, spat on it and vacated the newly won title. He declared he didn’t come to Idaho for titles and nor should he have to already representing the entire Northwest as the best there is. He may have proven himself the best on that night, but I guarantee the next time he is in Idaho everyone will want a piece of him.

Don’t forget that tonight, May 28th, at 5:30 PM, in the Northern Portland Eagles club at 7611 NE Exeter Street in Portland, Oregon Blue Collar Wrestling will honor the tradition of the National Wrestling Alliance by ending the feud that has dominate the Northwest for a number of months, now. I’m talking about The Faction versus Team BCW! Ten weeks ago the faction won control of the company. Tonight they are putting that control on the line against the careers of five men, The Role Models, Teck Tonik, Tyson Lee, and the man The Faction put out of competition with an injury, This Guy! Everything is the line in this one inside the cage with no pinfalls, no disqualifications, just a fight until somebody gives up! Also on the show, Tex Thompson finally gets his shot at Gregor Petrov and the NWA Pacific Northwest heavyweight title! Measure 11 has prevented this match from happening for weeks, but tonight there will be a winner! And, Measure 11 will have their hands full as Lance Dean has challenged the NWA/PNW women’s champion, Sunni Daze in an intergender match where if Dean wins Daze must marry him! Daze plans to humiliate her stalker y beating him and making him wear the wedding dress! This is the show BCW has been building towards! Do not miss it!

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