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Welcome to NWA Ringside, the official website of the National Wrestling Alliance and home of “Blue Collar News”. I assure you that you will get the best coverage of all the biggest happenings in the oldest pro wrestling governing body on the planet, right here, where history, tradition and respect are words that we live by. This edition will feature the NWA Pacific Northwest tag team champs, The Faction, NWA Heritage champion, Teck Tonik, and NWA Pacific Northwest heavyweight champion, Gregor Petrov.
Three weeks ago, Blue Collar Wrestling’s show took place on Sunday, April 9th, at 7311 North Exeter Street in Portland, Oregon inside the North Eagles Club. The first match of the evening saw Demarcus James in his first match since handing ownership of BCW to The Faction. His dastardly ways paid off last week as he picked up the pinfall victory over JB Moonshine. Big V was more interested in showing the dominance of The Faction than winning. Due to that attitude Kaine Jaiden picked up the DQ victory in a rematch of two men that were on the teams battling for the ownership rights of BCW. The Faction continued to dominate the night when Badd Blood and Buddy Highway successfully defended the NWA Pacific Northwest tag team titles against Measure 11 (Lance Dean and Tommy Celcious). Ares Torretto picked up the win over Mr. J, reestablishing himself as a contender after losing the NWA Pacific Northwest TV title last week. In the semi-main event, the NWA Heritage title was on the line as Tyson Lee challenged Teck Tonio, but came up short. The main event was scheduled to be NWA Pacific Northwest heavyweight champion, Gregor Petrov, defending against Tex Thompson in a Russian chain match. As Petrov came through the curtain he was attacked by his Measure 11 stablemates, Lance Dean and Tommy C. This lead to a main event handicap match that saw Petrov get the pinfall victory over Dean. After show I approached Mr. Petrov and we discussed the situation with his “friends”. The champ had this to say, “I’m not sure who to be mad at. The Faction, Measure 11, Tex or myself. History, tradition, respect. The creed of the NWA and its affiliates. I see none of that in any of the other three. They want to play cowboys or learn to rope and ride. That’s fine. The remedy is simple. Take them out to deep water and drown them. Fleas. Really. Blood sucking bugs that need to get popped. Right now! Truthfully, this championship, the NWA Pacific Northwest heavyweight championship, it does things to people. Made me see the light. Maybe, Tex Thompson is working with them. He‘s been desperate for the title and in the case of keeping friends close and enemies closer, I have no choice, but to watch my back.”
On Sunday, April 16th, Blue Collar Wrestling returned to the North Eagles lodge and opened the show with Measure 11 facing This Guy and JimmyBoy St. John in tag team action, losing by pinfall. Tyson Lee picked up the pinfall over the high flying luchador from Alaska, Phoenix Kidd. Justxciting, a former dancer turned wrestler that has enjoyed success in both the Portland and Seattle areas came to Blue Collar Wrestling to pick up a big win over Demarcus James. Teck Tonik continued to show why he is a major player in the Pacific Northwest wrestling scene, successfully defending the NWA Heritage championship against Cameron Starr. And, in the main event, the NWA Pacific Northwest tag team titles were on the line as Kaine Jaiden partnered with JB Moonshine in his continuing feud with The Faction. Badd Blood and Buddy Highway held on to the championship gold, though, showing why they should be top contenders to the NWA World tag team championship, held by Rob Terry and Kazushi Miyamoto, the combination of The Freak from Wales and the veteran Japanese wrestler well known for his X-Division style. Badd Blood is well known for defending his NWA Continental championship all over the country and so it was on April 22nd when he went to Lyons, Georgia and defended against Mathias Starkey. After successfully defending both of his titles this week I approached Badd Blood to see what was next. “The Faction showed NWA Blue Collar Wrestling why we are the best. And The Franchise, the Ghetto Heisman, Badd Blood, did it again, this time in Georgia, successfully defending the NWA Continental championship against a top notch contender, but Starkey wasn’t going to stop my march into the history books. Tim Storm, watch out. I’m coming for that NWA World heavyweight title!”

And on April 23 at the North Eagles lodge in Portland, Oregon the night started off with Big Vicious continuing The Faction’s dominance with pinfall victory at the ten minute mark over Tyson Lee. But, everything didn’t go The Faction’s way this evening as The Role Models won the NWA Pacific Northwest tag team titles in an I Quit match with a little help from TnT. “Wonderful” Zack Winters did his best to reestablish The Faction’s dominance immediately in the next match, retaining the NWA Pacific Northwest TV title in ten minutes with a pinfall over Mr. J. The feud involving NWA Pacific Northwest, Gregor Petrov, Tex Thompson and Measure 11 continued. Petrov and Thompson were supposed to face off for the title, but the fine print stated the match would be a fatal 4 way. In the end Petrov and Thompson ended up teaming together against Measure 11 in a falls count anywhere match. All this maneuvering muddied the waters enough that Measure 11 walked away winners. The n event saw NWA Heritage champion Teck Tonik continue to impress with a fifteen minute pinfall victory over Kenny K. But, The Faction’s taste gold caught up to the champ as the owners of Blue Collar Wrestling came t and restarted the match with Buddy Highway as the new opponent for Tonik. The powerlifter was too much for an already worn out champion and The Faction walked out with Highway holding the NWA Heritage championship.

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