Ballard Brothers ‘win’ NWA International Tag Title

NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling is an organization never short on controversy.

In a match with a level of controversy not seen since the late 90’s in Montreal, Shane & Shannon Ballard defeated The Twisted Sisterz to become the new NWA International Tag Team Champions!


Things stared simple enough. A back-and-forth contest between the young, history-making females and the veteran Canadian twins. It was when NWA Official D.C. Brown was inadvertently knocked out of action that things went horribly awry. Commissioner Joseph Duncan at ringside went to the back to see if referee Sparkey Ballard–yes, a relative of The Ballard Brothers, but an official who has proven time and time again to be above reproach. Unfortunately, Sparkey was forced to attend to a personal emergency and was no longer available.

NWA Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion “Apostle” Judah Mathew, perhaps looking to return the favor from the Final Conflict of 2016, came in and leveled Thunder Rosa with a big boot that would’ve knocked down an oak tree. The Apostle was soon chased off by his challenger earlier that evening, former NWA Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion SoCal Crazy.

At that point, Shannon Ballard–who may or may not have been aware of Apostle’s interference as he himself was laid out on the floor during this–grabbed one of the Vendetta Pro Tag Team title belts from Commissioner Joseph Duncan, and entered the ring with it. Duncan came in from behind, and tried to take the belt away, but was brutally forced back into the corner by Shannon Ballard, although during this process the title belt was knocked away. During this, Thunder Rosa managed to somewhat come to her senses, enough to lock on a modified Kata Ha Jime while riding on his back to force him to carry her weight. Ballard had tapped out, but there was no referee to see it!  Enter NWA Western States Heavyweight Champion “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury, who used his own title belt to lay out Thunder Rosa, breaking the hold and allowing Shannon Ballard a moment to recover. Meanwhile, Joseph Duncan came to and got to his feet, only to confront Rik Luxury. There is a long and well-documented (literally, there are legal documents) grudge between Rik Luxury and Joseph Duncan, and it looked like it was going to come to a head here, as Duncan removed his sportcoat and seemed ready to take Luxury on. Luxury grabbed the commissioner by his shirt, and it seemed like Duncan was in serious trouble when surprisingly, it was Duncan who knocked Luxury on his backside. Duncan then removed his dress shirt, to reveal a referee’s shirt underneath!

Just when it seemed law and order would be restored, Ballard covered Thunder Rosa, and Duncan made a very quick count to give the match and the NWA International Tag Team Championship to Shane and Shannon Ballard! The crowd looked on with disbelief, as the new Tag Champions were joined in the ring by NWA Western States Champion Rik Luxury and NWA Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion Apostle Judah Mathew to celebrate what seems to have been the successful completion of an underhanded plan! Duncan then grabbed the microphone from ring announcer Michael O’Garro Jr, and proclaimed his new group of champions to be known as The Conglomerate!

The Twisted Sisterz made history back at September To Remember VII, becoming the first females to win any version of the NWA Western States Tag Team Championship. They then successfully defended those titles and were proclaimed by James Beard as the NWA International Tag Team Champions. Unfortunately, they were stopped at their first defense of the new International titles, and in such a fashion that the National Wrestling Alliance is putting this match under review.

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